I have been a children's entertainer for many years now possibly 6 and only started it to help myself get out of dept, during the week I use to  have a normal job where people respect me professionally and being an entertainer is like having a secret life! Painted face, silly clothes, wigs it's all fun to dress up and I really have such a great time with it!
I adore kids and when I am in that moment I don't care what people think but you can sometimes lose yourself because you play so many different characters, I do dread to one day meet someone I use to work with in my day job which can you believe has not happened yet! Over the next few weeks I will be telling you stories and secrets that entertainers will never tell! Happy reading...
Well, I am doing a lot more children's party decorations than actually entertaining now, and I do miss it a little bit, however the decorating side of things are great and I love being creative.

Recently we did a carnival themed 1st birthday party full of colors which was amazing and wowed the guests and clients.


    I am a children's entertainer and even though I absolutely love what I do it is a secret life for me!


    August 2011



Kids party planner, decorator and balloon decorations